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Taxes Working in Multiple States

How to Minimize Income Tax Liability When Working in Multiple States

When discussing multi-state income tax, for most working RVers we usually encounter a situation where the RVer has not been...

Xscapers Annual Bash Convergence

Why you need to attend an Xscapers Convergence

Convergences are the Heart of the Xscapers Community Although we all love to keep in touch digitally, there is nothing...

Can You Deduct Your Interest Payment from Your RV Loan on Your Taxes?

Taxes and Accounting for Full-Time RVers Working on the Road Can You Deduct Your Interest Payment from Your RV Loan...

Travis and Melanie's Tattoo

Xscapers, Tattoos, and Lifetime Memberships. OH MY!

On March 8, 2015, Xscapers was announced to the public in Tucson, Arizona during the 55th Escapade. In celebration of...

Family-friendly Events and Festivals

By Melanie Carr #8, Escapees RV Club Vice President Festival season is here, and these events are excellent learning opportunities...

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