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Annual Bash Presenters

Kyle & Olivia

Free Camping: Providing Our Advice on Free Camping

Presented by Kyle & Olivia of Drivin' & Vibin'

Meet Drivin' & Vibin' (Kyle, Olivia and adventure pup, River). They live and travel full time in a 16ft vintage travel trailer. Left their jobs and sold all of their stuff, to pursue life on the road. With a mission to live minimally and deliberately, by removing the clutter and fostering relationships with the community and the natural world.

You can follow their adventures and learn more about their lifestyle at drivinvibin.com. There, you will find a wealth of information about free camping, tips for full-time RVing, their monthly budget reports and much more. As an added bonus, you can listen to their album titled Among the Giants that they wrote and recorded on the road inspired by their travels.

Kerensa & Brandon

Solar: The Basics of Understanding Solar

Presented by Brandon & Kerensa of RV to Freedom and Drive.Dive.Devour.

Kerensa & Brandon hit the road in January of 2014 and haven’t looked back. After years of moving for jobs, they decided to go where they wanted and take the jobs with them. They loved road trips in the car and camping in their pop-up and decided an RV life would be a better choice for them. After an extensive research and planning period, they left with their two dogs and cat in a motorhome to explore the country.

They have documented their travels on their Drive Dive Devour blog (DriveDiveDevour.com) and social media accounts and recently decided start a new venture to help others get out on the road. RV to Freedom (RVtoFreedom.com) is dedicated to helping people learn how to live in an RV with a website of helpful articles, a Facebook group (RVtoFreedomGroup.com) that’s welcoming to all RVers and dreamers, and a course on making the transition to full-time RVing. (RoadmaptoFulltimeRVing.com

Marc & Julie

Working from the Road: The Pros and Cons of Remote Jobs vs Self Employment

Presented by Marc & Julie of RV Love and RV Success School

Marc and Julie Bennett are best known as RVLove via their blog RVLove.com and their YouTube Channel RVLoveTV – they have been living, working and traveling full-time on the road in their RV since June 2014. Marc and Julie have traveled to all of the 50 USA states, plus Canada, Mexico and Australia – all while working full-time, maintaining a healthy work-life balance and prioritizing their relationship. What makes their experience so unique is that Marc successfully transitioned from a corporate cubicle job to a senior level, remote working position while Julie started creating content for RVLove as a fun, creative outlet which grew quickly and ultimately opened up a whole new career path for them both. In early 2017, Marc quit his job as Director of Operations so they could blend their skills and talents with their passion for RVing and three months later, they launched RV Success School – an online learning platform that helps others learn how to RV successfully, too.

Marc and Julie will openly share the pros, cons, ups and downs of their journey to becoming true digital nomads and RV entrepreneurs, sharing insights and lessons and answering questions for those considering their own options for a life of freedom on the road. You can learn more about Marc and Julie at rvlove.com and rvsuccessschool.com

William Trinkle

Photography: Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Travel Photography

Presented by Bill Trinkle of William Trinkle Photography

Bill is a full-time RVer and photographer. A former radio jock who along with my wife, Porter, a former teacher, are the Trinkles on Tour. They have been on the road for seven years and full timing for the last two. Bill has loved photography all his life but have been serious about it for the past six years. Their travels offer many opportunities for to learn and grow as a landscape and night photographer. One of their greatest joys is photographing their adventures, one campground at a time. Bill shoots with a Canon 6D.

Tim Ewing

Accounting Tips: CPA Tips for your RV Lifestyle

Presented by Tim Ewing of Quest CPA

Tim and Janette Ewing travel the country living in their fifth-wheel RV while homeschooling their one remaining child in the nest. All total they have five children and six grandchildren. Tim has been a CFO for 30 years working with small businesses and non-profits and currently runs his CPA practice full-time while on the road. Tim specializes in helping self-employed RVers unload their bookkeeping burdens and avoid IRS headaches. Find Tim at quest-cpa.com.

Becky Shade

Work-camping: Making Money From Seasonal Jobs

Presented by Becky Schade of Interstellar Orchard

Becky Schade hit the road in 2012 and funded her first two years of full-timing exclusively through seasonal work-camping jobs. Today, work-camping still makes up a large percentage of her earnings, and she's made some great memories through these seasonal gigs, including being paid to sing at a renaissance festival and getting to watch Old Faithful geyser erupt one-hundred times (every time is different!).

She can be found online at InterstellarOrchard.com and on YouTube, where she teaches and inspires people about RV living. She especially enjoys helping other single women overcome the challenges of solo travel.

Marshall & Kelly

Boondocking 101: Your Questions Answered and How To Get Over Your Fears

Presented by Marshal Wendler & Kelly Beasley  of Camp Addict

The word "Boondocking" strikes fear in the hearts of the uninitiated, but it really doesn't have to be that way. Kelly and Marshall of Camp Addict are both FULL-TIME boondockers, who much prefer the wide open expanses of public land to the 'hey there, neighbor' feel of an RV park. Don’t believe it? Marshall recently ended a 590 day streak of not paying for a campsite. 

They will cover tips and tricks to boondocking including finding boondocking areas, scouting your spot, ‘unwritten' rules, finding amenities such as propane and water, conserving your amenities and batteries, staying safe while boondocking, a little on solar and generators, staying connected as a digital nomad and more. 

At the end, they will open the audience up for questions, and they will be happy to answer as many as possible.

Kelly and Marshall operate Camp Addict, your destination for the best RV product reviews and guides to using those products. Their Guide to Boondocking Without Fear gives some insight as to what you will learn during their presentation.